Shuai-Chiao, commonly known as the Chinese Art of Throwing, is the most ancient and battle tested method of combat in the long history of mankind. The throw itself is the least emphasized part of the art. How one contends with the opponents approach, punches or kicks, knees and elbows or head butting is the central key to its success. When a Shuai-Chiao practitioner receives his opponents attack or launches his own he is like a snake tangling its prey.

The Shuai-Chiao expert has a large arsenal of standing joint controls (not tiring submissions) which can quickly be applied to the arms and legs as well as hidden strikes which tie up the attacker and leave him vulnerable. The throw in Shuai-Chiao is the icing on the cake. In other words “It’s not the throw but how you got there that counts!”

Also, “Shuai-Chiao it’s not all about throwing.” Many people are hesitant to get into a close quarters situation with an opponent but the fact is that Shuai-Chiao teaches you how to stay on your feet better than any martial art there is. It covers the long and medium ranges of defense and attack equally well. China’s oldest art (2700 B.C.) is America’s newest! Everyone has heard of Karate, Kickboxing, Judo and Wrestling as well as a host of arts from Thailand and Israel or Russia. Isn’t it about time to discover China’s best kept secret? Few people have ever seen Shuai-Chiao at its best let alone learned it from the greatest of all time Ch’ang Tung-Sheng. Master Matt Mollica is one of the last men alive to have had such an opportunity. Be a part of the legacy. Let your intelligence and will power lead you where others will follow.